Sony ZX5 BRAVIA LED HDTVs super-slim, wireless 1080p

Sony have officially unveiled their new BRAVIA HDTVs, the ZX5 series, complete with high-end cleverness such as 240Hz "Flow Motion", integrated wireless streaming and edge-mounted LED backlighting.  The ZX5 range – which will land in Japan come November – will initially be available in 46- and 52-inch sizes, both supporting 1080p in a deliciously skinny frame.Video demo after the cut

In fact the sets measure a scant 16.6mm (52-inch) or 15.8mm (46-inch) thick, partly because Sony have offset the connectivity portion to the separate, wirelessly-connected media receiver.  That box not only accepts the usual HDMI inputs but has internet connectivity and offers video-on-demand support.

Ports include four HDMI, USB, both ethernet and a telephone port (for the integrated modem), optical digital out, PC and S-Video, and there are twin 10W speakers too.  No word on pricing nor when we might see them in the US or Europe.