Sony Xperia X1 delayed in the U.S.

Even though we previously heard the Sony Xperia X1 smartphone would be available starting on November 28th, that day has obviously since passed and the X1 is still not in our hands. So what's up? It seems there is a significant delay with this one and we won't be seeing it until January 12th.

So much giving this one as a present this holiday season, I guess. Best Buy changed the status of the X1 on their website to "Coming Soon" when it was just "Pre-Order" just a bit ago. And it seems those that have already pre-ordered are getting emails from Best Buy regarding the "stock delays."

Europeans are having much better luck with the Xperia X1, however. The device has been on sale there since September. No one is entirely certain of why there's been a delay, but it's important to note a parts shortage occurred during the launch of the product, which might have continued.