Sony WH-XB910N take the best wireless headphones down a few dollars

Sony revealed a new pair of wireless headphones today that capitalize on the power of their best, but cut features to cut price. Despite this, these headphones still have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), true wireless tech with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and microphones for noise cancellation, wireless calls (connected to a phone), and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The full name of this product is the WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-The-Ear Headphones. They come in black, blue, and gray, and they include their own carrying case, plug adapter, and USB cable for charging. A full charge of the internal battery of these headphones will last you 30 hours, so says Sony.

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Sony also suggests that if you're using the optional AC adapter to charge these headphones, you can get 4.5 hours worth of battery life from a 10-minute quick charge.

These headphones have 40 millimeter drivers, sound isolation technology, and can "enhance all your low-end frequencies for exceptional bass." Both sides of this pair of headphones have feedforward and feedback mics, allowing the user to "take digital noise cancelling to the next level."

These headphones also have a Quick Attention Mode in which a hand placed over the right ear cup will turn volume down and deactivate noise cancelling, allowing ambient noise in at the same time. The WH-XB910N headphones have Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) tech and have the ability to connect with an (included) headphone jack for wired listening.

Sony's made such a name for itself in wireless headphones and earbuds that it doesn't even need to have a decent model name to sell devices. They're still calling their top-selling wireless audio blasters code-names like "WH-XB910N", because they don't need to change the format to compete with the rest of the biggest names in headphones and earbuds. Today they continue to release versions of their best-selling wireless earbuds and headphones with arrangements of letters and numbers the likes of which you'll never, ever be able to remember when you're searching for them in the future.

The Sony WH-XB910N headphones will be released on pre-order today with a suggested retail price at around $250 USD. These headphones will be released at Sony Electronics online in black, Amazon in blue and black, and Best Buy in black and gray, and they have an official release date of... the month of October, 2021.