Sony VAIO X ultraportable pre-reg page goes online

Sony Japan have put up a

pre-registration page

for those rich and weak-armed enough to consider buying their upcoming VAIO X series ultraportable.  The notebook, announced at the

beginning of September

, is only listed as "coming soon", and we're still yet to see final specifications, but Sony have previously confirmed that it will retail "under $2,000".

In its current incarnation, the VAIO X-series packs an Intel Atom processor with an 11.1-inch display and a battery Sony claim is sufficient for a full day's use.  However the company have also revealed that they're considering


processors, which would give the X-series more flexibility and power.

Ports include two USB 2.0, VGA, ethernet and a multiformat card reader, all squeezed into a half-inch thick carbon fiber and aluminum chassis.  The VAIO X is predicted to land shortly after Windows 7 makes its full debut on October 22nd, so we'll know full specifications then.