Sony VAIO TT opened up & put on show at CEATEC 2008

With SlashGear refusing to fly me on an impromptu holiday to Japan for the CEATEC 2008 expo, I'm having to admire things like this dissected Sony VAIO TT from a distance.  On display at Sony's stand, the flagship ultraportable is a masterpiece of shrunken components.

Considering the TT is based around an 11.1-inch display, it's surprising that they still manage to fit a Blu-ray drive along with a twin SSD RAID array.  The optical drive takes up almost half the width, in fact, with the battery taking a fair bite out of the back.

Sony are claiming that the TT is the world's lightest Blu-ray notebook; it's 2.87 pounds and less than an inch thick, with a chassis made from lightweight carbon-fiber.  Pricing begins at around $2,100, rising to $2,700 for a Blu-ray equipped model, and topping out at $4,344.99 for the VGN-TT190UBX with Blu-ray and the SSD drives.