Sony VAIO red edition laptops get hand-finished casings for show-offs

Chris Davies - Jun 11, 2013, 4:51am CDT
Sony VAIO red edition laptops get hand-finished casings for show-offs

Sony has launched a new range of VAIO notebooks, the VAIO red edition, adding hand-finishing and some limited-edition allure to several of its portables. The new variants will include models in the VAIO Duo 13, VAIO Pro 11, VAIO Pro 13, VAIO Fit 14, and VAIO Fit 15 ranges, all including touch, and all with a high-gloss red finish.

Although the red color is the same across the range, Sony is at pains to point out that actually achieving that finish takes different methods depending on the model. Since some are made of carbon fiber, some of aluminum, or some of polycarbonate, each has to be treated in different ways – sometimes hand-polished – before getting a final UV protective coating on top.

Specifications vary depending on the donor model. The VAIO Fit 15 red edition, for instance, kicks off with a Core i5 processor, though can be outfitted with a Core i7 and up to 512GB of SSD storage. It starts at £968.99 ($1,507) in the UK.

As for the convertible VAIO Duo 13 red edition, that begins at £1,498.99 ($2,331) in the UK, with a Core i5 processor and 256GB of SSD storage. Again, a Core i7 is an option.

The VAIO Pro begins at £1,168.99 ($1,818) for the 11-inch model and £1,288.99 ($2,005) for the 13-inch model in the UK. Both have a Core i5 processor as standard, along with 256GB of flash storage.

Sony hasn’t said exactly how many of the VAIO red edition models it will be offering, only that they’re to be in “extremely limited quantities.”

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