Sony VAIO P Atom Z550 2GHz benchmarked: fastest yet

Chris Davies - Jun 15, 2009
Sony VAIO P Atom Z550 2GHz benchmarked: fastest yet

As well as throwing WiMAX into select VAIO P models, Sony is also giving the Japanese version of their “don’t call it a netbook” a processor boost.  Intel’s Atom Z550 – at 2.0GHz the fastest of the Z-range – is now an option, and going from the preliminary benchmarks it’s clear that this new iteration is the best VAIO P to date.

Full benchmarks after the cut

The Z550 VAIO P comes with a 64GB SSD – we’re expecting 128GB to be an option – and runs Windows Vista.  Compared to the original VAIO P, the 1.33GHz 60GB HDD version still available in the US, it scores almost twice the CrystalMark points overall. 

Even the SSD performs better in conjunction with the new chip, outperforming both the 64GB and 128GB solid-state drives in the 1.6GHz and 1.86GHz models.  Unfortunately, the new VAIO P with the Z550 processor option is currently only available in Japan, and there’s no telling when it might cross over to the US or Europe.


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