Sony upgrade UX-series UMPC with 64bit CPU and 64GB SSD

Sony's historically cavalier attitude towards product naming – sometimes dozens of different names for different locations and slight hardware changes – and tendency to suddenly discontinue products has left fans nervous of changes in the company's catalogue; when the UX-series UMPC disappeared earlier this month there was as much talk of the project being canned as there was speculation around potential upgrades.  Thankfully they've gone with the latter rather than the former: welcome to the ultra-mobile fold the UX72, UX92S and UX92NS.


While the outside remains unchanged, inside the compact casing it's a different matter.  For the first time the UX range supports 64-bit CPUs, with Sony choosing Intel's U2200 and U2100 Core 2 Solo processors (running at 1.20GHz and 1.06GHz respectively).  There's also a 32-bit Celeron M523 if you're scared of all this 64-bit excitement, and the option to swap out the now-looking-a-bit-weedy 40GB hard-drive for a 64GB SSD.

The new models will be available from the middle of October.

Sony [via Akihabara News]