Sony UK taken to task on PS3 price-gouging

The Guardian's Steve Boxer gets a bee in his bonnet and sits down with Sony UK's managing director to thrash out just why British gamers are expected to pay £425 ($834) for the 60GB version of the PS3 when it hits these shores on March 23rd.  Ray Maguire, the man responsible for setting the price, first cites UK VAT (at 17.5%) and the tendency of the media to overlook US sales-tax when comparing cross-Atlantic price-tags, then goes on to list the fluctuating Euro/Yen exchange rate and the higher cost of living in the UK.

As Jack Schofield argues, it's some comfortable padding in Sony's favour; he's blaming "rip off Britain" and Sony's willingness (among a wealth of other companies) to take advantage of the inflated prices we consent to pay.  Thing is, how many people would be able to resist the lure of the PS3 to take a price-stand come March?

PS3 launch price is no fun for UK gamers [Guardian]