Sony think small with ultra-compact home cinema system

Chris Davies - May 25, 2007

If you live in a tiny hutch of a house and like home cinema, you might be wondering how you can fit reasonable speakers in without firstly taking up all available room and secondly causing bleeding of the ears from having to sit pressed up against a tweeter.  Sony come to your rescue, the kind devils, with their DAV-IS10 micro home theatre system.

Sony DAV-IS10 speaker

It might be dinky but the feature set is anything but.  CD, DVD and receiver are all there in the compact main unit, which outputs audio via the five tiny speakers and freestanding subwoofer while video – including standard DVDs upscaled to 720p or 1080i – is pumped out through its HDMI port.

 Sony DAV-IS10 optional mp3 player dock

A further “Digital Media Port” on the rear allows for various optional accessories such as iPod and Sony Walkman docks, a Bluetooth A2DP bridge and WiFi media client for taking advantage of networked media.

Sony DAV-IS10 display

The system will cost $799 and be released in July.

Sony DAV-IS10

Sony [via Electronic House]

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