Sony Says TV Prices Will Decrease by Year’s End, Thanks to Increasing Inventory

Evan Selleck - Oct 21, 2010
Sony Says TV Prices Will Decrease by Year’s End, Thanks to Increasing Inventory

TV prices range pretty dramatically, depending on the features in the TV, the size, and the manufacturer. But, it looks like Sony is expecting to watch the TV prices overall start to decline. In a way to stay competitive, if the majority of companies involved in the TV market begin to drop their prices, then other companies will immediately follow suit to stay relevant, especially as certain sized models reach price points of interest for the general consumer. But, Sony’s Vice President also points out that just because the prices drop, the market may not see an expansion of sales.

Sony’s VP Yoshihisa Ishida informed reporters at a Google TV briefing that, overall, he believes that prices for TVs will take a decline before the year’s end. “I think TV prices as a whole will of course fall. There is a lot of inventory in the market.” He added, though, that just because the companyies manipulate the pricing of TV sets, that the market will expand.

Interestingly enough, Ishida mentioned that the company would look at the prices for their Google TV line-up, and think about the pricing if it became too out of sync versus their competitor’s efforts. However, he doesn’t believe that will happen now, especially considering their 24-inch Google TV model runs $400. However, if Ishida is correct, then it looks like the overall pricing for the TV market may take a dive before the holiday shopping season kicks in, which could potentially mean even bigger discounts on the TV you want.

[via Reuters]

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