Sony Rolly dancing speaker robot comes to US

Sony's Rolly dancing wireless speaker robot might be a relatively pointless frippery, but now it's a pointless frippery you can officially buy in the US. The company has announced that the easter-egg-sized "Sound Entertainment Player" is now available in retail stores across the country, having been available exclusively in Japan for some time now. Not only does Rolly have stereo speakers, it can be programmed with specific dances via the included choreography software.Check out the video of Rolly in action after the cut

That software can either automatically create choreography for the robot, or you can program your own choice of moves and transfer them across. Physical movement around the table or floor is accompanied by flapping its end-cap arms, wiggling its shoulders and flashing lights. The online Rolly Go forum can be used for exchanging dance routines.

Inside there's 2GB of flash memory for storing music and routines, and Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer them from your PC. The battery is enough for up to five hours of music playback and up to four hours of music and motion together. Rolly is on sale now, in black and white, for around $400.