Sony Rolly culled in US? Price slashed to $99

Chris Davies - May 6, 2009

As my mother once told me, there’s only so long you can roll around on the floor, bleating and waving your arms around, before they put you out to pasture.  The same seems to be true with the Sony Rolly, currently out of stock at the official Sony Style US online store and apparently discounted to just $99 in their bricks & mortar stores.

That’s a whopping $300 discount from the original MRSP, something which makes the Rolly a whole lot more appealing.  There’s no official word from Sony USA themselves as to whether this is a bizarre marketing scheme or truly a sign that the Rolly has been discontinued in the US.

The Sony Rolly is a compact, egg-shaped MP3 player which, as well as playing music through its integrated stereo speakers, can dance along to it.  That’s courtesy of two integrated wheels, and the Rolly adds to the performance by flapping its end-caps and flashing lights.  Reviews ranged from delightedly entertained, through bemused confusion, to outright hostility, but it was the steep price and questionable functionality that prevented the Rolly making significant inroads into the American market.

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