Sony PSP2 Shown Off In Private Meeting, Coming Fall 2011

For a short time, the rumors regarding the second version of the traditional PlayStation Portable were picking up speed, which would lead some to believe that a spy photo would inevitably break cover before too long. But, that still hasn't happened, and in fact the rumors and speculation started to quiet down. We've heard in the past that the device was already in the hands of developers, that the PSP2 would feature a touch-pad on the back of the mobile console, and that it would not only feature a camera on the back, but also one on the front. These new rumors actually enforce a few we've heard in the past, but it looks like Sony isn't in any rush to get the new handheld gaming device to the market.

According to sources, Sony took some time in a private meeting before the Tokyo Game Show in their Tokyo offices to show off the next generation hardware to a select few. The source was quick to point out that the rear controls, courtesy of a touch-pad on the back of the device, are still there and will probably make it to the final release. Unfortunately, Sony wasn't able to inform the people at the meeting how the touch-pad will actually work, so the details on that very peculiar part of the device are still up in the air. They did say, however, that the overall function was basically customizable in nature, so video game developers will be able to make the touch-pad work as they want for their individual games.

In a bit of good news, Sony is said to be making the PSP2 about an inch bigger than the previous model. Furthermore, Sony apparently threw around the word "HD" when talking about the display's resolution. The bad news comes from the hardware itself, as Sony is apparently having problems with heat management, power consumption, and battery life. It was said in the meeting that Sony will not show off the new PSP to the public until they get these things figured out, but Sony's plans to have the device available for purchase by the Fall of 2011. However, there aren't any dates confirmed as of yet.

[via Kotaku]