Sony PSP2 in the Hands of Developers

Rumors about Sony's next-generation PlayStation Portable (PSP) may have gone quiet for a little while now, but that doesn't mean they're over and done with. Looking back, we've heard how Sony plans on reinventing the PSP model altogether, and then we heard that touch controls could find their way onto the back of the device, confusing plenty of people out there. But, even further back, we had heard that Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) were being passed around to developers in the video game world, with some quieter voices saying that the device itself was finding those same hands. And now, it looks like those previous rumors may have been true.

In an interview with Industry Gamers, Netherrealm Studios' Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick let it slip that his development house actually has a PSP2 in there, and that they're currently "looking at the engine." The device was named specifically, and considering we have no reason to believe he doesn't know what he's talking about, it looks like the device is real, and it is coming (eventually).

He goes on to say that the PSP2 "looks like it's a pretty powerful machine." Choice words that could indeed mean quite a bit for Sony, if they do indeed release something that could potentially run a powerful "mobile" version of Netherrealm Studio's upcoming Mortal Kombat title. Unfortunately, the studio isn't doing a day one launch for all consoles. Now we just have to wait for some spy shots to leak out, but that might be still a ways out.

[via Industry Gamers]