Sony PSP Go new firmware emerges, plus further hardware disappointment

Many have argued that Sony's upcoming PSP Go is more a shameless marketing and cash-grabbing exercise, lacking the segment-shift that a truly innovative device might deliver.  We're holding off from judging until the review units come in, but hearing the latest feedback from pre-launch prototype models isn't exactly putting us in the most positive frame of mind.  Eurogamer got their hands on the early PSP Go, and found that not only does the new handheld require all new video cables but little things like the AV port have changed, too.

Where the full-sized PSP has a headset port that accommodates a microphone headset, the PSP Go apparently has just a 3.5mm headphones jack.  That means no microphone and no useful in-line controls for media playback.  It's also worth remembering that the PSP Go uses newer M2 Memory Sticks rather than the older format of the existing PSP, so they won't be transferable either.

As for the latest firmware, version 5.70, that has added more comprehensive Bluetooth controls, but strangely done away with the auto-adjusting backlight control under power management.  Eurogamer also found that the handheld's 14.74GB of user-accessible storage is formated in FAT32, meaning there'll be a 4GB file size limit.  It's unclear if this is the version that will ship on the PSP Go when it launches in the US and Europe on October 1st.

[via PSP-Hacks]