Sony PSP Go! demands new accessories by ditching mini USB

Chris Davies - Jun 8, 2009
Sony PSP Go! demands new accessories by ditching mini USB

Sony’s PSP Go! might be a masterpiece of miniaturization, but it’ll bring with it a shrinking feeling in your wallet, too.  Set to land in the US on October 1st, the all-digital companion to the existing PSP-3000 will not only cost nigh-on twice as much as its bigger sibling, but require all new accessories thanks to a sneaky change of port type.

Rather than using a mini USB port, as the PSP-3000 does, the PSP Go! has a new, multifunction socket on the bottom of the handheld.  That keeps down space, of course, but it also means that accessories existing PSP owners already have won’t work with the new console.

Sony, unsurprisingly, are lining up a range of PSP Go! accessories – including AV cables, USB cables, AC adapters, wrist-straps and screen protectors – that will play happily with their new gadget, but that’s no use to the people who have already spent significant amounts of money on PSP-3000 add-ons.  The company’s own GPS module and chat keyboards won’t work, and neither will hundreds of third-party accessories.

[via Engadget]

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