Sony PSP Go gets covert price cut

Sony's discount of the PSP-3000 is apparently not the only portable gaming price cut the company intends, with the official PlayStation site also suggesting the compact PSP Go will be discounted as well. According to the Sony spiel, "now you can enjoy the sleek, totally-digital PSP go system for $149.99 MSRP" in addition to the $129.99 PSP.

Curiously, the PSP Go discount wasn't mentioned in Sony's original announcement about the larger version of the handheld, and it seems the news is yet to reach retailers either. Most are still listing the PSP Go at around $200, rather than reflecting either the new MRSP or the $50 price cut.

Still, we're guessing this will filter out sooner rather than later, though whether it will make the PSP Go a sales success remains to be seen. Sony is expected to launch the NGP near the end of 2011.

[via Joystiq]