Sony PSP Go game downloads to start from $1?

We may be feeling sour about the PSP Go's hardware, but its software may end up putting a smile on our faces.  According to Pocket Gamer, the upcoming handheld's downloadable PlayStation Network (PSN) games will be priced at €1, €2 and €5 apiece ($1-$7), bringing them to the level of titles from Apple's App Store for the iPod touch and iPhone.  They also claim that Sony have been actively courting iPhone developers, in the hope that they will port their existing titles over to the PSP Go.

"Obviously some rework is required due to different screen size – 480 x 272 versus 480 x 320 – not to mention transposing touch controls to joypad, D-pad and buttons – but the bulk of game logic and artwork is likely to remain the same." Pocket Gamer

However unlike Apple, Sony will demand not only stricter technical testing – including a two week long "quality assurance" period – but control over when games are launched.  This seems to be a throwback to the traditional games publishing model, and it remains to be seen whether developers prefer it or the perhaps more esoteric Apple process.

By reducing the cost of individual titles, Sony are obviously hoping to capture some of the casual gaming market that has buoyed the Apple App Store.  The PSP Go is set to hit shelves in the US and Europe on October 1st.