Sony PSP-3000 dissected: minor changes = minor upgrade

The new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro aren't the only devices to get torn down today; Sony's PSP-3000 has also suffered an attack of the screwdrivers at the hands of Impress.  Looking under the subtly-tweaked faceplate to see what changes Sony's crack team of engineers and designers have wrought, if you're hoping for a big surprise then you'll be sorely disappointed. 

The only major change is, of course, the LCD, which goes from the snappily named CC35 to the equally-ebullient S1A3.  Thankfully the differences from the front are a whole lot more impressive; we already know it's much improved over that of the PSP-2000.

In fact, Impress even ponder out loud whether this is more of a PSP-2500 than a 3000 leap.  Their advice is that anybody really disappointed with the screen of their second-generation PSP should take a look at the new version, but otherwise there's really no impetus to upgrade.

[via Gizmodo]