Sony PS4 to be more profitable than PS3, company claims

It took several years for Sony's PlayStation 3 console to finally turn a profit, but the company says that the PlayStation 4 won't be the same way. Sony CFO Masaru Kato said that the company won't experience "a major loss" with the PS4 like they did with the previous-generation console, claiming that much of the work has already been done.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Kato says that much of the chip development for the PS4 has already been in place, whereas the PS3 required all-new development processes for the console's chip. The PS4 will still see a new chip (and development is still happening for that), but Kato says that many existing technologies will be implemented in the PS4, cutting down on R&D costs.

Sony turned its first profitable year since 2008, but its PlayStation division was down during the 12-month period. Sales were down 12.2%, with operating income down a staggering 94% to just $18 million for the year. However, Kato says that income is expected to "increase significantly" for the company, with the PS4's launch coming later this year.

Operating income is another story, though, as Kato expects it to be stagnant year-over-year due to R&D and marketing costs for the new and upcoming console. However, the PS4 is expected to turn a profit in a shorter amount of time than the PS3, which took several years before the console was finally in the black for Sony.

[via Eurogamer]