Sony shows first profitable year since 2008

Sony has reported its fiscal year Q4 2012 quarterly earnings results, and the company ended up in the black for the first time in five years, earning its first full-year profit since their 2008 fiscal year. However, the increased income surprisingly comes after the company experienced lower revenues for its camera, gaming, and home entertainment products.

As for the figures, Sony raked in $458 million in net profit for the year on $72.35 billion of revenue during the 12-month period. Sony originally predicted a net profit of $404 million, so the company certainly did better than they expected at first. It certainly beats a $5.7 billion loss the previous year.

Sony reported lower sales of several different product categories, including compact cameras, LCD televisions, and PlayStation gaming consoles. The PlayStation department brought in only $18 million of operating profit for the company, while compact cameras brought in $15 million. TVs also saw a loss at $897 million.

However, Sony raked in $509 million of profit in their movie division, which was one of their most profitable categories for the year. Overall, Sony's year-over-year revenue was boosted up 4.7%, and the company expects to turn a profit of over $500 million for this current fiscal year, as well as selling 42 million phones during the next 12 months.