Sony PS3 Wireless Keypad up for preorder: $49.99

Chris Davies - Aug 25, 2008

Sony’s PS3 snap-on keyboard accessory is now available for preorder, confirming both its launch date and price.  The QWERTY ‘board, which clips to a standard PS3 controller and connects via Bluetooth, is priced at $49.99 and will apparently be released on November 30th.  This tallies (but only just!) with Sony’s claim that the peripheral would hit stores sometime in November.

As well as operating as a standard keyboard, the peripheral has a secondary touchpad mode that will allow users to control a mouse pointer by running their finger across the keys.  The keypad will also have two short cut buttons that will allow users to go directly to the “Message Box” and the XMB’s “Friends” icon during gameplay.

Since it is a Bluetooth device, the Wireless Keypad will presumably work with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, such as cellphones, MIDs and UMPCs.  Considering the high demand for compact text entry devices for each of those niches, Sony could see its accessory popular in areas other than gaming.

[via CrunchGear]

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