Sony PS2 just $99.99 from April 5th?

If these three tiny images are to be believed, they're a sign that the Sony PS2 will be reduced to just $99.99 as of April 5th.  The news was leaked from a source inside Kmart that has reportedly provided "reliable retail information in the past".

The console currently retails for $129.99, despite being nearly 10 years old and superseded by the PS3.  According to the source, when they checked for any sign of the rumored PS3 price-cut in the Kmart system there was no sign.

Earlier this month, unnamed retailers in the UK told gaming sites that both the PSP and the PS3 would be seeing reductions, after Sony UK themselves had been warning of price-cuts.  No specific timeframe was given, however, aside from that the changes would happen "soon".