Sony PRS-600 ebook readers spotted in wild, judged [Video]

Sony's PRS-600 ebook reader has seemingly made its way to Canadian retailers, with two confirmed sightings of the 6-inch touchscreen slate.  Feedback seems mixed, with some of Sony's boasts about the new E Ink device – faster page turns, more flexible font sizes – turning out to be either unnoticeable or pretty much useless in these demo units.Demo video after the cut

The red model, for instance, showed no noticeable difference in page turn speed, and the XL and XXL font sizes were "simply so huge as to be unusable".  The touchscreen is judged decent, with slick menus, but the overall text is less crisp than Sony's 505 ebook reader and more on a par with the 700 model.  It also suffers more glare than the 505, as you can see in the image above.

Meanwhile this Flickr gallery shows a silver version of the PRS-600, and there's a demo video of the device in action below.  The set also has a video comparing the displays of the 505 and 600 for crispness, which is worth checking out.


[via MobileRead and via Lesen]