Sony PlayStation 5 revealed: Original and Digital Edition

The Sony PlayStation 5 console was revealed in full in the afternoon of June 11, 2020. This was the first time the public was shown a full view of the console – along with its first set of accessories. This PS5 was shown at an event that largely focused on games that'd be released on the machine, not all at launch, but certainly all in a way that was meant to demonstrate the power of the console.

The Sony PlayStation 5, or PS5, throws away the design language of the Sony PlayStation 4. The PS4 was flat, and the PS4 Pro was pretty much flat. They both had angled frontsides – they were parallelograms, really. But here, it's as if Sony's calling back to the change between the design of the PlayStation 2 (which was essentially a set of rectangles) and the PlayStation 3 (which looked like an envelope stuffed with too many pieces of paper.

Now, as the Xbox Series X was revealed earlier this year as essentially a tall box, PlayStation 5 comes back with a design that's completely out of left field.

Or is it? What we see here is two devices, both of which will (likely) be released at one time. One will have a disk drive, the other will not. With PlayStation 5, Sony will immediately drop in on the digital age of gaming. They'll still have a version of their console that uses traditional game disks, but the "Digital Edition" works with digital files, only.

Both devices will have two options for placement. While there's a bit of an optical illusion in play here, the side opposite the disk drive is flat. Both versions of the console are shown standing up on black bases. Both devices will also be able to be placed down flat.

They obviously won't be entirely flat, though, and I can't imagine dusting either one of these consoles will be particularly easy. Like the array of air holes on the top of the Xbox Series X, here we've got several key areas where dust will certainly settle.

For more information on the launch of these TWO models of Sony PlayStation 5 console, stick around – and drop in our full PlayStation 5 specs revealed feature. And cross your fingers they keep these devices inexpensive enough to actually purchase!