Sony PlayStation 3 Slim stand gets pictured

If you decided that the Sony PlayStation 3 slim will still take up to much space when horizontal, and that the vertical stand is a must, then this is what your $24 will get you.  If we're honest, we didn't expect Sony to particularly innovate when it came to this accessory, but it would still have been nice for them to put more than the minority of effort in that the end result required.

For instance, a cable tidy at the back would've been a nice touch, since there'll be a few cords snaking out the back of the PS3, and not all that difficult to arrange.  Or how about a nook for the inevitable remote control?

Still, it looks like there's a nice slab of foam on which the PS3 Slim perches, and a nifty little locking arrangement to make sure it doesn't fall off too easily.  We're quite surprised by the lack of branding, too; we were sure Sony would take the opportunity to slap a big logo along the side.