Sony Pictures Hacked, Over 1 Million Accounts Compromised

Just when you think it's the last chapter of the Sony versus hackers saga, something new turns up. It's now being reported that Sony Pictures has just gotten attacked by the infamous hacker group LulzSec, the same group responsible for a recent SQL-injection attack on the PBS front page.

After the successful breach, LulzSec announced that it had "compromised over 1,000,000 users' personal information." The group also claims that it was able to breach the system using "a very simple SQL injection" attack. This was the same way that Sony Music Japan and Sony Music Greece were hacked in previous weeks.

However, unlike the PlayStation Network breach, Lulzsec has actually released samples of the compromised personal data. The group published about 39,000 email and password combinations along with 12,500 more with email, password, home addresses, and dates of birth.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has so far only issued a statement from EVP of Global Communications Jim Kennedy saying "We are looking into these claims."

[via ThisIsMyNext]