Sony Music Japan Latest To Get Hacked

When security experts warned of a long road to recovery for Sony after the PlayStation Network saga, they weren't kidding. It seems each day brings a new security problem to light. Last Friday, Sony's ISP got hacked, yesterday it was Sony Music Greece, and today it's Sony Music Japan.

The site was hacked using SQL injections with the data later published online. Luckily, it did not contain any names, passwords, or other personal information, but the hackers warned that there were two other servers that may contain more sensitive information and are still vulnerable to attack.

The attackers may be from a group called Lulz Security, who mainly attack sites for fun and political reasons. So the attack is more to embarrass Sony rather than an attempt to steal personal user data. Nonetheless, their behavior is still considered a crime.

But it does highlight the vulnerability of online networks and reminds consumers and large corporations to take security more seriously. Sony being a fun target right now will certainly attract more attacks, but hopefully that will help highlight the security loopholes so that they can be fixed.

[via Sophos]