Sony Music Greece latest to suffer security hack: User data in the wild

Sony's security woes go from bad to worse, with the news that another of the company's sites has apparently been compromised and user data stolen. After the long-running PlayStation Network hack and ISP So-Net being attacked last Friday, now Sony Music Greece – which appears to be offline at time of writing – has been drained of its user info, reports The Hacker News.

The data was supposedly extracted using an automated SQL injection tool, and reportedly consists of usernames, real names, passwords, company name, email and telephone number, among other details. However, the sample data shared by the hackers does not, in fact, include all of that content, so it's unclear whether the entirety of the information is in the wild.

Either way, the advice is for Sony BMG Greece users to change their passwords and be on the look out for any unauthorized uses of information in the future. Sony is yet to respond publicly to the new hack.

[via Sophos]