Sony hacked again? This time it's So-Net

Just when you think Sony's woes are about over as they've begun restoring the PlayStation Network, and soon the PlayStation store, they hit another embarrassing bump in the road. This time, thankfully, it's not the PSN again. Instead, it's Sony Japan's internet service provider, So-Net.

Sony alerted its customers today that an intruder broke into its So-Net system and stole virtual points worth $1,225 from account holders. Although this number seems paltry compared to the almost 100 million user accounts compromised in the recent PSN attack, it's an important reminder that Sony still has plenty of work ahead in beefing up its security.

"Sony is going through a pretty rigorous process and finding the holes to fill," said Josh Shaul, chief technology officer for computer security firm Application Security Inc. "The hackers are going through the same process and they're putting their fingers in the holes faster than Sony can fill them."

Security experts believe that Sony's massive global network will definitely take time to clean up, and hence are still quite vulnerable to attack. The recent events have also drawn more attention from hackers to the network.

"I think it's now 'I'm a hacker and I'm bored,' let's go after Sony," Shaul said.

[via Reuters]