Sony OLED Walkman X arrives in UK Wednesday

Chris Davies - May 12, 2009, 6:21 am CDT

Sony have announced UK pricing for their OLED Walkman X, which will land in stores tomorrow.  Two versions of the Walkman X will be available – 16GB and 32GB – priced at £209 ($319) and £270 ($412) respectively, though we’re expecting US prices (whenever they’re announced) to be lower.

The Sony OLED Walkman X has a 3-inch touchscreen, audio and video playback, plus WiFi for web browsing and YouTube access.  In the UK, the Walkman X will also be able to access BBC iPlayer streaming TV shows.

We’ve spent a week with the Japanese version of the Walkman X, and come away impressed.  The quality of the screen is only surpassed by its audio abilities, which are superb, and while you sacrifice the software flexibility of the iPod touch you get better PMP performance instead. 

[via Register Hardware]

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