Sony networking 90% of all tech by 2010; wireless Reader coming

Sony has publicly stated its aim to have 90-percent of its product range networked by 2010, and that moreover this inter-connectivity will happen either automatically or with a single button press.  Speaking at a recent event, Sony President and COO Stan Glasgow told journalists that the VAIO range would be an obvious focus point for the development, likely featuring new software that would make connectivity more straightforward, but that other products such as wireless-enabled e-books would also feature.

In fact, Glasgow confirmed that a wireless version of Sony's Reader is already in development.  Although it's uncertain whether this means simply WiFi or, similar to Amazon's Kindle, some sort of embedded cellular broadband.  Amazon's system allows readers to instantly download books wherever there is network coverage.  Sony have not given an estimated release date for the new e-book.

Sony also discussed their plans to better unify product development, with more consistency in designers so that the UI was harmonious across ranges.  Intermediate groups between development areas will oversee crossover between, say, VAIO and gaming products.