New Reader Digital Book from Sony - Faster, brighter and better-looking

It's no big secret that I spend most of my waking hours planted in front of a computer. It is likely a larger secret that I try to devote a portion of my day to reading. No, I don't mean sifting through Digg, I'm talking about an actual book with a story. I've got a decent collection of books, but they're difficult to carry around, as they don't really fit into my pocket or laptop case. So I generally just end up busting out my DS instead of reading. That's where electronic book readers come into play. I think that these would be simple to use and easy to carry around. Sony has just announced their second-generation Reader.

The new Reader Digital Book from Sony is much like the original model. The new model has a faster response time, higher contrast ratio and 8 levels of gray scale. It is also slightly thinner and features a more intuitive button layout.

The Reader Digital Book will be hitting stores soon in silver and dark blue for the same $300 price tag that the current model is going for.

Sony opens book on new Reader [via crave]