Sony mylo 2 down to $200: due for replacement or retirement?

Is the Sony mylo 2 WiFi communicator due for a replacement or, more simply, the axe?  They're two obvious possibilities, as Sony scythe a third of the price from the mobile messenger, down from $299.99 to $199.99 at the company's official store.

The mylo 2 was officially announced back in January at CES 2008, and with the exception of the widgets download site Sony released in February it's been a pretty neglected platform since.  Sony positioned the mylo 2 as a contract-free communication and internet browsing device, but strong competition among mobile carriers and falling prices of on-device unlimited cellular data connections meant phones such as the Sidekick kept the limelight.

Sony's price cut is apparently valid until January 31st, 2009.  That gives them plenty of time to announce a new version – the Sony mylo 3, just as a suggestion – at CES 2009.  With the long-awaited Nokia N810 WiMax Edition finally launching on Sprint's XOHM network, it's possible that Sony might follow suit and put high-speed wireless broadband in their mylo replacement.

[via Pocketables]