Mylo Widgets coming to the COM-2 today

James Allan Brady - Feb 26, 2008

Sony has finally created a site where they’ll be releasing widgets for the Mylo personal communicator. They started with 5 on the site for now, and they’ll be adding more, but the exciting part is that if you are feeling generous you can create your own and post them on the site too.

Its more like a community effort, Sony will only release a few every so often to keep things going, but they are really depending on the community of Mylo COM-2 users to really get the ball rolling. Right now they have a world clock, calculator, calendar, and a couple others up, more as they come in from users like you.

Sadly though, they are only available for COM-2 owners, they won’t work on the COM-1. So, go get you some widgets, or start developing, click the via link to get to the Mylo Labs.

[via Sony]

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