Sony is adding movies and TV into PlayStation Plus after all, but there's a catch

Yesterday, a rather interesting leak suggested that Sony was preparing to roll movies and TV shows into PlayStation Plus under a new feature called the PlayStation Plus Video Pass. While these references were discovered on PlayStation's Polish website, they were quickly pulled down. As it turns out, Sony is indeed going to roll movies and TV content into PlayStation Plus subscriptions, but for now the feature will launch in testing on a very limited scale.

As for where it's testing, yesterday's leak is the best indicator there. You guessed it: Poland is where Sony has decided to test the PlayStation Plus Video Pass, and according to Sony Interactive Entertainment vice president of global services Nick Maguire in a new interview with Polish website Spider's Web, this test will last a full 12 months.

The service, which is apparently a free benefit for those who are already subscribed to PlayStation Plus, will kick off its testing with 15 movies and six different series. Some of the movies that stick out include Venom, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, American Hustle, Blade Runner 2049, and Baby Driver. Series that will be featured in the PlayStation Plus Video Pass include Community, Lost Girl, and SWAT.

Maguire says that the Video Pass will be refreshed every three months with new content, so testers can look forward to quarterly updates. This is a particularly interesting move from Sony, because the company currently plans to stop selling movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store later this year. Maybe it made that decision to make way for the PlayStation Plus Video Pass?

More likely is that Sony is looking to bolster PlayStation Plus with its own movie and TV content to help it better compete with the likes of Xbox Game Pass. We're not sure that adding a curated selection of movies and TV shows will help much on that front, but we'll just have to wait and see how the Video Pass evolves over its year of testing in Poland.