Sony FutureScapes thrills for tomorrow

The folks at Sony have revealed that they've been running a set of workshops this yeah that all surround a better and brighter future under the title FutureScapes. This project is a collaboration between Sony and Forum for the Future and is bringing together futurologists, thinkers, authors, technologists, sustainability experts, and vloggers, not to mention the public – to imagine the future world of 2025, and they've created a short video presentation to make it all clear.

This video shows how this Sony FutureScapes project works with four different concepts: Wandular, The Internet of Things Academy (IOTA), Hyper Village, and The Shift. With innovation at the center of this futuristic adventure, Sony hopes that many will join in and make it as great as it can be in the now. Have a peek at the presentation video here:

Sony FutureScapes has been syphoned down to these four projects and will be pushing forward with them in mind from here on out:

Wandular – A device which fits in the palm of your hand and never goes out of date due to cloud downloads and plug-and-play hardware upgrades.

The Internet of Things Academy – A place where everyone can get educated on software, data, and complex hardware, and how these things work with the things they use and/or need on a day to day basis.

Hyper Village – A place where "high-tech" and "high-nature" blend in a rural community setting. Both high-tech methods and natural perfection are used to create one fabulous future.

The Shift – Not an invention, but a philosophy. Here you'll be working with your relationship to technology and seeing how it'll help better meet all of our needs, not just the ones that are met here in the present. "How might technology itself change to boost creativity, productivity, or even our relationship with nature?"

Check out the video above and stay tuned as Sony and Forum for the Future continue to innovate!