Sony EyePet gets new screenshots, video demo

Anybody who has physically brought a live monkey into their home will know that it can be one of the more fraught experiences.  Happily Sony's EyePet game is still on track to make that monkey virtual; the company may not have made much mention of it in their E3 keynote, but a new video demo and screenshots confirm that it's still on course to be one of the PS3's most unusual titles.Sony EyePet video demo after the cut

Announced back in August last year, EyePet uses the PlayStation Eye webcam to monitor the face and body of anyone in frame, using that knowledge to allow the monkey avatar to play with you.  That can range from rolling a ball and having him scamper after it, to waving your fingers to make him laugh, or even poking him with a stick to make him jump (one of the things SlashGear specifically recommends not doing to a real monkey).

You can also clothe the monkey, draw new toys for it to play with, and collect more than 250 different objects for it to interact with.  There are also mini-games and plenty of lifelike animations.  No word on when we can see EyePet for the PS3 released, unfortunately.


[via electro^plankton]