Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 video demo: ah, there's the Snapdragon speed

Sony Ericsson's launch event for the XPERIA X10, their first Android smartphone, was slightly undermined by the fact that their single demo prototype proved to be not exactly the Snapdragon speed-demon we all expected.  The company's homegrown Timescape and Mediascape apps ran like molasses in a permafrost, which Sony Ericsson told us was due to them not having been optimized for the hardware.  Happily HDblog have had access to a newer prototype, and theirs looks positively snappy.Video demo after the cut

As far as we can tell, the functionality on show is little different to what we saw earlier this month, it just happens a whole lot quicker.  Timescape is Sony Ericsson's attempt to corral every aspect of your social networking and phone activity into a single timeline, with each element interlinked so that by tapping, say, on a recent call you can then go seamlessly into that contact's Facebook and Twitter statuses, see their online galleries and even – using face recognition built into the X10 – see photos in which they appear that are on the smartphone.

As for Mediascape, that does a similar thing but pulls together image, audio and video content, both on the X10 and online.  Sony Ericsson recently revealed that the XPERIA X10 is expected to drop in February 2010; so far they've not confirmed any carrier partners.