Sony Ericsson XPERIA Panel Interface SDK released

Chris Davies - Sep 3, 2008

Sony Ericsson have released the SDK for their upcoming Panel Interface, which will debut on the XPERIA X1 smartphone.  While the smartphone is based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, the Panel Interface is Sony Ericsson’s attempt to make the GUI more user-friendly.  With the release of the free SDK, the company is hoping that developers will begin creating alternate functionality with distribution via an on-device Panel browser.

Check out the video demo after the cut

The “Get More Panels” system is similar in concept to the Apple AppStore, but specifically for downloading the Panel applets.  Each Panel is more than just a shortcut, however; they are individual programs such as search engines, advanced calendars or social networking applications.

Sony Ericsson had already confirmed that it would be working with specific carriers to develop Panels tailored to their network offerings and services.  In the photo of the device above, taken at CeBIT, you can see an AT&T shortcut panel, for instance.

[video via Engadget]

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