Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Gets Benchmarked On Video

Despite the fact that Sony may have denied the PlayStation phone in the past, it's obviously a real thing, and it's coming. With rumors suggesting that the device could launch as early as March, 2011, it's easy to start hoping that the device gets leaked more and more. We've already seen the device in some close-up videos, but this time around we get to watch as the device is run through the Qualcomm Neocore benchmark application.

Engadget was just sent the video of the PlayStation Phone being run through the test. The result isn'st as great as some may expect, or want. At 24.4fps, it doesn't put the device at the top of the heap. However, something of note: this isn't final software. So, it's certainly possible that by the time the PlayStation Phone is ready to ship to waiting customers, that benchmark gets a significant upgrade. In any event, if you want to see the PlayStation Phone, or Zeus Z1, work its magic through the test, go ahead and check out the video below.

[via Android Community]