Sony E3 2014 plans detailed in leak

The upcoming E3 event next month will encompass a variety of conferences, including one from Sony, the details of which have reportedly been leaked in great detail to the folks at DualShockers. There are game details galore, and a claim that price drops for the PlayStation 3 and Vita will supposedly be revealed at the event.

According to DualShockers, an unnamed source provided details reportedly nabbed from Sony Worldwide Studios contacts and a source in a NY marketing firm. A secondary source was contacted and confirmed some of the leaked details.

As far as the details confirmed by a second source, the report states that Sony will show off a 3-minute trailer for Uncharted on PS4, demo'ing "in-engine footage" and gameplay — release is said to be Summer 2015. Also tipped for 2015 will be a new title from Media Molecule.

Sony Japan Studios will reportedly debut Project Beast, a Demon Souls "spiritual successor", The Last Guardian for PS4, and a third title that is being kept under wraps. There are numerous other (unverified) details also claimed in the leak, the rest of which weren't confirmed by a secondary source but are worth checking out regardless.

SOURCE: DualShockers