Sony drops release dates for top-tier PS5 games

This week the folks at Sony came to CES 2021 with a buried lede. They decided to deliver an array of release dates for major PlayStation 5 video games in the form of a slide. One slide, one big bunch of release dates and release date ranges for some major games. This is the sort of things game reporting dreams are made of.

The list includes games that've been long-awaited as well as games that are not particularly noteworthy. If someone stood in front of you and rattled off the following list, which of these games would you recognize? Which of these games would you be excited about, having not heard news of for weeks and weeks?

• Returnal – 03/19/21

• Pragmata – 2023

• Solar Ash – June 2021

• Kena: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021

• Stray – October 2021

• GhostWire: Tokyo – October 2021

• Little Devil Inside – July 2021

• Project Athia – January 2022

• Hitman 3 – January 2021

• Horizon: Forbidden West – 2021

We've got Project Athia appearing in January, but... unfortunately it's the January of the year 2022. We've got the game Hitman 3, coming in January – of THIS year! Finally another Hitman to look forward to, within the next couple of weeks!

We've got the game "Returnal" coming in March of this year, alongside the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The span between Hitman and these games should be sufficient to lose one's self in the secretive assassin business that is Hitman, so long as one doesn't also need to attend work or school.

In June we'll see Solar Ash, then in July Little Devil Inside. Ghostwire: Tokyo should be sufficient to chase away the social distanced Halloween blues, assuming we're still staying as far away from one-another as possible.

Probably the game for which I'm most excited about getting a confirmation for a release window is Stray. This is the game that I'd consider buying a PlayStation 5 for, all on its own. Take a peek at the trailer for this game above, and think about how awesome it'd be to play this game in VR – or how dizzying.