Sony deny PS3 price-cuts for holidays

Despite the recent Xbox 360 price-cuts, Sony are stubbornly refusing to reduce the sticker on their rival PlayStation 3 console.  In an interview with the Financial Times Kazuo Hirai, President and Group Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, reconfirmed that the PS3 would not see a reduction before the holidays.

"The answer is yes, if you're asking 'Are these the prices we're going with this Christmas?'" Kazuo Hirai, President and Group Chief Executive, Sony Computer Entertainment

The Xbox 360 prices dropped in the US back in September, taking the HDD-free Arcade model to $199 in the US and £130 in the US.  Sony's 80GB PS3 is currently priced at around $399. 

Hirai did point out that, while the Xbox 360 Arcade may be cheaper, it includes neither a hard-drive nor a Blu-ray high-definition drive.  For that reason, he claims, the PS3 is actually better value for money.  While that may be true if you're also looking for a high-definition media player, for the many people whose sole intention is gaming then the Xbox 360 is looking a tempting choice.

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