Sony Demonstrates Solar Power Window Panels

Chris Burns - Dec 14, 2010
Sony Demonstrates Solar Power Window Panels

Take a look at this flower power right here. This is what Sony calls Hana Mado (aka Flower Power), a solar panel that uses screen printed dye to generate custom designs for windows. What’s that? windows that double as solar panels? I’ll take them all, thank you. Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) in any color combination and design you like. For the demonstration at Eco Products 2010, Sony attached a tiny cute fan to an approximately 10 inch(?) panel that when light was introduced turned, and when light was taken away, stopped. In my walls and in my car next too, please?

Sony says that the tech costs less than the average solar technology today and it installs easily into already existing buildings. Neato! Sony says it cannot say when these cells will be available commercially. Let’s hope for asap.

[Via EcoFriend]

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