Sony delays PS3 'Home' virtual world until Spring 2008

Despite an attempt at slight of hand – unveiling the upgraded Dual Shock 3 controller for the PS3 – Sony couldn't quite bury the unfortunate news that the launch of their planned 'Second Life' rival, 'Home', originally slated for the end of this year, has been delayed until Spring 2008.  In a contrite and apologetic speech, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai blamed the company's perfectionism for the hold-up:

"We wanted to wait until we could offer what would be totally satisfying for consumers"

'Home' is intended to be a so-called metaverse of electronic shopping, socialising and other activities performed within a 3D world and accessed through a PS3 console.  Sony have been keen to demonstrate its potential at trade fairs and shows, as well as potentially cash in on the lucrative move of real-world businesses into existing online worlds such as 'Second Life'.

The news comes as Sony face up to poor take-up of the PS3 and missed sales targets.

Mainichi [via Rising Sun of Nihon]