Sony Cybershot W55/35

Chris Davies - Jan 19, 2007

I love staged photos.  I mean, what are these ladies saying to each other?  In my head the conversation goes something like this:

“Hey, is that the new Sony Cyber-shot W55?”

“Help me, I’m trapped in a loveless relationship and my face hurts from all the botox”

However, I’m sure Sony would prefer us to imagine them chatting about the Cyber-shot’s 7.2-megapixel CCD, ISO 1000 for high-sensitivity in low-light conditions, up to 380 shots per full charge and 3x optical zoom.  Extreme macro close-ups – such as to focus on the delicate wrinkles around a model’s eyes – are possible right down to 2cm, and while the W35 has a 2-inch LCD display the W55 bumps that up to 2.5-inches.

Sony Cyber-shot W35

Full on-screen iconography and function explanations mean that even those with an IQ lower than their waist-size can get super shots, while the W55 comes in a choice of pretty colours to match your blouse.

Sony Cybershot W55

Available from mid-February.

Press Release [Sony]

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