Sony betting big on gaming and image sensors for next 3 years

This week Sony suggests that they'll be redirecting their concentration away from mobile devices and TVs over the next three years, aiming instead at gaming and image sensors. Given their success in selling the PlayStation 4 and surrounding technologies, Sony is ready to go big with their gaming segment. The same is true of image sensors, readying their technology for the next generation of cameras and smart devices of all kinds. It should come as no surprise that Sony would pull back on their Mobile Communications Segment as forecasts there show the only operating income loss amongst all of Sony's products.

In Sony's Financial Targets of the Electronics Businesses released on the 25th of November, 2014, you'll find targets for 2015 through 2018. Sony's forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2015 show an operating income margin loss of 15.1%.

Meanwhile their Game & Network Services Segment has an operating income margin of +2.7%, with +7.3% going to Imagine Products & Solutions. Home Entertainment & Sound only has a +0.8% operating income margin (small, but still positive), while Sony's Devices Segment shows a +7.5% operating income margin over the same period.

Sony mentioned with Rueters that they'd be counting on personalized TV, video, and music distribution services to raise sales in their video game division by a quarter over the next three years.

As Sony's Devices segment includes their imaging sensors, growth is inevitable. Apple's iPhone uses a Sony imaging sensor, as to many Android-based handsets from a variety of manufacturers.