Sony B150 Series & W250 Series Walkman MP3 players launch

Sony has announced two new ranges of MP3 players, targeted at the budget market.  The Sony B150 Series Walkman has the familiar memory-stick form-factor, with a 3-line LCD display and basic controls, while the Sony W250 Series Walkman squeezes everything into a set of earphones.  2GB and 4GB versions will be available of each, though only MP3 and WMA (non-DRM) files types are supported on the B150; the W250 can also play AAC and Linear PCM files.

The W250 headphones' claim to fame is that they're waterproof, and so can be used in the shower, while jogging in the rain or even if you have a tendency to get a particularly sweaty head.  They come with a docking stand that also recharges their integrated battery; they'll last up to 11hrs from a full charge, while the B150's will last for up to 18hrs.

The B150 and W250 Series models will go on sale – in Europe at least – come late June 2010 and early May 2010 respectively.  No word on pricing as yet.